Nathaniel Gilbert is an accomplished attorney and dedicated outdoorsman, serving the legal needs of individuals, families, sportsmen, farmers, ranchers, and business owners in Texas, Colorado, and Kansas through his law firm, The Law Office of Nathaniel Gilbert, PLLC. With a profound commitment to providing comprehensive legal services, he has become a trusted advisor to many in the realms of business and real estate.

Education and Credentials: Nathaniel Gilbert is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law, where he honed his legal skills and knowledge. He pursued his passion for the law and embarked on a journey to become a well-respected attorney who understands the unique needs and challenges faced by his diverse clientele.

Professional Experience: Nate, as he is known among his clients, has been practicing law as a solo attorney since 2015, amassing a wealth of experience and expertise in various legal areas. His professional journey has been marked by a commitment to providing practical solutions to the legal issues his clients encounter.

Areas of Expertise: As a dedicated business attorney, Nathaniel Gilbert assists clients with a wide range of legal matters related to their businesses, from initial formation to eventual sale or dissolution. His expertise covers:

  1. Business Formation: Guiding clients through the process of establishing a new business entity, including the selection of the most suitable legal structure to meet their goals and needs.
  2. Contractual Matters: Offering legal counsel on modifying contracts with other businesses or service providers, ensuring that agreements are fair, legally sound, and aligned with his clients’ best interests.
  3. Business Expansion: Assisting clients in expanding their existing businesses, whether through the creation of new ventures, partnerships, or taking on investors or new members within their companies.
  4. Day-to-Day Legal Support: Providing ongoing legal guidance to resolve the daily issues and challenges faced by business owners, ensuring that their operations are compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.
  5. Real Estate Law: Offering expertise in real estate transactions, helping clients navigate the complexities of buying, selling, or leasing properties while safeguarding their interests.

Nathaniel Gilbert understands that the success of businesses and the well-being of individuals and families depend on sound legal advice. His client-focused approach, combined with his extensive legal experience, makes him a trusted advocate for those he serves.

Beyond the courtroom, Nate is also a passionate outdoorsman, bringing the same dedication and attention to detail to his outdoor pursuits as he does to his legal practice. Whether in the legal arena or the great outdoors, Nathaniel Gilbert exemplifies a commitment to excellence and a deep passion for what he does.