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Texas PLLC Formation

Debating between a PLLC vs LLC in Texas? The Texas PLLC affords Professionals in Texas the opportunity to form a unique entity to protect themselves, their partners, and their personal assets.  Through the use of PLLCs, groups of doctors, dentists, architects, and even lawyers can work within a group setting while maintaining malpractice protection similar to that of sole practitioners.

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PLLC Basics

PLLC vs LLC in Texas: The Basics

We form a PLLC in Texas much the same way that we form an LLC in Texas.  However, we use a different Certificate of Formation–This is a key difference because the “Purpose” section will be of great importance when we are forming the PLLC.  The Operating Agreement will, again, look very much like an LLC Operating Agreement, but will spell out certain provisions relating only to PLLCs such as restrictions on Membership.

The Purpose of a Texas PLLC

For a PLLC in Texas, the Purpose must be the providing of some specific professional service such as legal advice, medical services, or architectural planning, to name a few.  This is why, if you are converting to a PLLC from an LLC, it is not just a simple name change.  In order to convert your LLC to a PLLC, for instance, you must file an Amendment containing that new purpose–the professional service–that your PLLC will now provide.

The Benefit of PLLC vs LLC in Texas

This boils down to malpractice liability.  Members in a PLLC are protected, by the Texas Business Organization Code, from the malpractice or professional negligence of another professional Member.  Additionally, some professions are required by the Texas Secretary of State to form a PLLC.

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I wanted to make a PLLC for my new Pediatric Ophthalmology practice and I found Nate after searching on the internet. I read Nate’s profile and was impressed and gave him a call and asked all the relevant questions about the PLLC formation and was very satisfied with the answers and decided to go with him. Nate is professional, knowledgeable, efficient and finished the process in a very timely manner. To add to this, Nate did a meeting after the whole process to explain and educate about the new entity and its Company Agreement which is extremely helpful to prepare you for the next steps for your PLLC. He is always available for follow up questions. It was a pleasure working with Nate and I highly recommend him. 

– Dr.C (Pediatric Eye Center)

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PLLC Formation Comparison

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PLLC Formation FAQs

A Professional Limited Liability Company is a form of the Texas LLC that provides additional benefits to those business owners who perform professional services such as healthcare, dentistry, legal, and architecture services, and can only be formed by those individuals providing services with a license from the State of Texas.

Anyone licensed by the State of Texas to perform their service may form a Professional Limited Liability Company. Anyone who is not licensed to perform that service may NOT be a Member of the PLLC.

The Law Office of Nathaniel Gilbert, PLLC is San Antonio forms PLLCs on a flat fee basis. When you choose a flat fee service, you will never receive a surprise bill or wonder about how much a phone call with your attorney will cost you.

PLLCs in Texas provide protection to Members from malpractice suits filed against another Member of the PLLC.  In addition to the liability protection afforded to an LLC under Texas statute, PLLCs have additional provisions that help to make sure that malpractice liability extends only so far.

Forming a Texas PLLC is much the same as forming an LLC, with some additional required language in your Operating Agreement AND your Certificate of Formation that is filed with the Texas Secretary of State.

PLLC Formation Pricing

Key Differences

PLLC vs. LLC in texas

If I want an entity for my professional company, what is the difference between a PLLC and and LLC? Is it just more expensive?

Both LLCs and PLLCs shield Members and Managers from liabilities of the entity.  In other words, in a properly run and maintained company, the debts and obligations of the LLC are not transferred automatically to the Members or Managers of the entity. PLLCs in Texas offer malpractice protection to individual practitioners; the malpractice of one practitioner may impart on the PLLC itself, but not on the other professional Members or Managers.  Click here to read more about “PLLC vs LLC” comparisons and consideration.

Texas PLLC Formation


Operating Agreement Drafting: Custom drafted PLLC Operating Agreement for your company

Filing your PLLC with the Texas Secretary of State: drafting and filing of the necessary paperwork with the Secretary of State including your Certificate of Formation and any Assumed Name Certificates for trade names and DBA’s

Memorandum on Liability for PLLCs in Texas: A letter from your attorney discussing the common pitfalls of liability in running a PLLC in Texas

Meeting with your attorney on running your business: We will sit down with you, go over the details of the Operating Agreement and Corporate Governance documents drafted for your company, show you how to use them, and help run your company for years to come – This is, according to our clients, the most valuable part of the PLLC formation package

Corporate Governance documents for your PLLC

State Filing Fee of $300 Not Included

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