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Nathaniel Gilbert, Attorney in San Antonio, TX, devotes his practice to the needs of individuals and families in the areas of business law. Having worked as a solo attorney since 2015, Nate has extensive experience working directly with clients serving a wide range of legal needs.

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What does a Business Attorney do?

San Antonio Small Business Attorney Nathaniel Gilbert helps clients with a wide variety of legal issues relating to their business from formation through sale or dissolution. Often, business owners are faced with a decision that may require legal guidance such as modifying contracts with another business or service provider, starting a new venture within their existing business framework, or taking on investors or new members in their companies. Nate works with clients and their businesses in tandem helping to resolve the day to day legal issues, as well as the larger business milestones.

LLC Formation · Partnerships · Mergers and Acquisitions · Adding Members · Capital Calls · LLC Management Strategy · Contracts and Negotiation

Business Attorney and LLC Formation

Nathaniel is licensed in Texas, Colorado and Kansas.

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