Hunting Attorney Nathaniel Gilbert

 An avid outdoorsman and grandson of a Midwestern farmer (maternal) and small town municipal judge (paternal), Nate devotes a large portion of his practice to representing farmers and ranchers, hunters, guides, and outfitters.  Noticing a distinct lack of effective representation for these individuals and businesses, the concerns of the farmer and the hunter are taken very seriously at our firm. 

Nathaniel is an attorney focused on making the world a better place.  Through fierce advocacy, Nate has represented clients in matters ranging from real estate contracting to shareholder suits.  Now, the Law Office of Nathaniel Gilbert, LLC represents businesses and individuals in a range of practice areas with special attention your needs.

Working with sportsmen and women accused of hunting violations makes Nate a dedicated "Hunting Attorney."  When the rights of hunters are at stake, Nathaniel is a serious advocate for those rights and looks for every avenue of defense.  Representing those charged with fishing or hunting tickets affords Nathaniel the opportunity to work with those individuals who share a passion for the outdoors and serve as stewards of of the land.  The hunting community is close, and tight-knit, making effective representation in the face of "poaching" charges is all the more important.

After attending the Florida State University for his bachelors degree, Nate studied in Kansas City for his law degree.  Accepting a position with a real estate office, Nate moved to western Kansas to his family farm working as an attorney and helping his grandparents with their small acreage.  All too often, the position of a lawyer resembles the mending of fences, joining two stubborn wires through hard work, sweat equity, and binding crimp holding both parties firmly in place.

Nate now focuses his representation on hunters and guides, helping individuals in Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Connecticut, and across the nation as a renowned Hunting Attorney.  With so few lawyers willing to take up the torch of hunter's rights in the current Anti-Hunting climate, the hunting world needs advocates now more than ever.