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Learn how Real Estate Attorney Nathaniel Gilbert in San Antonio Texas can help you purchase a property, sell a property, transfer your property to an LLC, or change the details on your deeds. Our firm helps clients better manage their property purchases and holdings through creative means such as waivers for liability reduction or elimination, high quality custom tailored hunting leases, and entity formation and management for real estate investments and holdings. Give Nate a call today to discuss your real estate venture needs and plans.

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I wanted to make a PLLC for my new Pediatric Ophthalmology practice and I found Nate after searching on the internet. I read Nate’s profile and was impressed and gave him a call and asked all the relevant questions about the PLLC formation and was very satisfied with the answers and decided to go with him. Nate is professional, knowledgeable, efficient and finished the process in a very timely manner. To add to this, Nate did a meeting after the whole process to explain and educate about the new entity and its Company Agreement which is extremely helpful to prepare you for the next steps for your PLLC. He is always available for follow up questions. It was a pleasure working with Nate and I highly recommend him. 

– Dr. Chhabra (Alamo Pediatric Eye Center)

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Other Larger Firms

Chance of being passed around from senior partner, to associate, to another associate, or paralegal

Hourly rates, unknown fees or other surprises on your final bill – Every phone call has a ticking clock that you’re being charged for

Calling the main office line, leaving a message; Someone other than your attorney returning your phone call, or no one at all

Larger firms must take as many clients as possible, and there is a risk of your matter getting lost in the crowd

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Real Estate Attorney FAQs

Yes! Recording a Deed is not necessary for it to be valid; what is important is the signing and delivering of the Deed itself. Read more in this article from Nate.

Absolutely. Subject to a few factors and conditions, you can move your personally held property into an LLC for protection from lawsuits and creditors. Read more about moving property into an LLC in this Article. Read more about LLC’s on this page.

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