Liability Waivers in Texas

Understand where your liabilities and obligations begin and end

The Law Office of Nathaniel Gilbert, LLC helps landowners, outfitters, and outdoor business owners with liability waivers and general liability concerns. Chief among the priorities when working with an attorney in this area is understanding your obligations to your guests and clients.

One of, if not the most common concern for landowners is liability protection: What happens if someone is injured on my property; Am I liable for that injury? When you own a piece of property, you must understand where your legal duties are to those people that enter the property (with or without your permission) and what you can do to limit your liability to those individuals.


Can I Use An LLC To Avoid Taxes?

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Yes, but not in the way that you think.  There is a growing sentiment among popular online advice columnists and bloggers that LLCs can help you avoid a large amount of...

LLC Formation Attorney

How Do I Change the Name of My LLC in Texas?

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If you want to use a different name for your business, make sure you differentiate between “I want to change the entire name of my business” and “I want to use a different name for my business in certain situations.”

PLLC Texas

How Does a PLLC Protect A Professional from Malpractice in Texas?

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A Professional Limited Liability Company is specifically provided for professionals looking to offer their services through an entity in Texas. Professional services, as defined by the Texas Statutes, means “any type of service that requires, as a condition precedent to the rendering of the service, the obtaining of a license in this state.

LLC Management

Member vs Manager: Who Should Have What Role in Your LLC?

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Regardless of the form of LLC you decide on (Series LLC, PLLC, or regular old LLC) you will need to make the decision of whether your new Texas entity will be Manager Managed or Member Managed. For the sake of this page, we are going to assume the owners of the LLC have chosen to have the company be managed by one or more Managers—Manager-Managed.

Top 3 Mistakes When Starting Your LLC and Their Solutions

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New business owners in Texas often form LLCs to start their company, but this process can be full of pitfalls and sometimes even the most careful of small business owners can make a mistake. Texas LLC Formation Attorney Nate Gilbert takes a look at the most common mistakes and their solutions.

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How To Help Your Parents Sell Their House: Powers of Attorney in Real Estate Transactions in Texas

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Commonly, children will have powers of attorney for their parents when they get older and may need assistance with financial transactions. If a child holds power of attorney for their mother and/or father, they may represent them in a real estate transaction.

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Can You Change An LLC To A PLLC? 4 Steps to Convert From An LLC to a Professional LLC in Texas

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Converting to a PLLC from an LLC is a straightfoward process in Texas. Attorney Nate Gilbert provides the steps necessary to change your company to a Professional Limited Liability Company in 4 steps.

How Do I Create A Series For My Series LLC?

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Creating an individual Series for your Series LLC is a straightforward process, but there are some critical steps that you need to take.  When creating the new Series,...

VIDEO: Should My LLC Be Member Managed or Manager Managed?

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Watch the video to discover the differences and considerations behind Manager Managed LLCs and Member Managed LLCs in Texas.

What Does An Operating Agreement Do? VIDEO

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Video: What Does An Operating Agreement Do For My LLC?

How Do I Write Off Expenses For My LLC or Small Business?

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How can Texas LLC owners write off business expenses they incur throughout the year on their tax returns?

Texas Registered Agent

Can I Change My Registered Agent?

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Changing your LLC’s Registered Agent is fairly simple, but can have serious consequences if not done correctly.

An Attorney Can Help To Protect Your Land and Business Through:


    Creating custom tailored liability waivers for your ranch, land, or business is an absolute must for anyone engaging in any mildly adventurous tasks. From the agri-tourism business owner, to hunting and fishing outfitters, to serious ranchers and farming operations, a liability waiver for your guests, employees, and clients will help secure your interests in the long term


    Texas offers some of the best protection for landowners in the nation through two separate state statutes. These statutes require careful consideration, however, and implementation of a plan to shelter under these protections should be undertaken only with the guidance of an attorney in order to check every required box. Click here to learn more about the Agritourism Statute and the Recreational Use Statute


    Understanding how risks and injuries can occur, and then implementing strategies to avoid these situations altogether should be on the top of every land and business owner’s list. Working with an attorney to help identify problem areas and draft procedures and rules for those situations will pay dividends down the road in not only avoiding injuries, but managing responses to them when they inevitably occur.

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