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“Bear Proof” Outfitting Contracts and Waivers

If your business plan isn’t Bear Proof, you may be in for more than you bargained for. Working with Attorney Nathaniel Gilbert on a Bear Proof business plan including liability waivers, client contracts, and business startup documents helps protect your livelihood from the most ferocious of attacks.

Bear Proof your outfitting business with a business plan, liability waivers, and guide and client contracts from The Law Office of Nathaniel Gilbert, PLLC. How will you be a better guide or outfitter for your clients and customers if you’re inside worrying about leasing contracts, liability waivers, or licensing? A trusted attorney can take care of the paperwork while you get back to doing what you do best.


Becoming an Outfitter package includes formation of your outfitter company as an L.L.C., your personal, custom tailored, DORA (Colorado) compliant outfitter services contract, and a liability waiver providing the utmost protection to you, your employees, and your business.


Custom tailored contract for outfitting services with several options regarding rules and regulations for your personal outfitting situation. All outfitter contracts for Colorado outfitters are compliant with the rules and requirements for outfitter contracts from Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, Offices of Outfitter Registration.


Professionally tailored liability waiver for use in your outfitting operation, including custom provisions for firearm usage, watercraft or motor vehicle, climate, terrain, and many more options depending on your unique circumstance. This is not a “one size fits all” document and must be custom tailored to your specific outfitting needs.


Leasing documentation for your outfitting operation on property not owned by you or your outfitting operation. Outfitter Hunting Leases include provisions on fixtures such as blinds, tree stands, and lodges, as well as clauses determining installation of food plots and use of motor vehicles on property.

Nathaniel Gilbert is a member of the Outfitter Protection Services network of trial attorneys that focus on representing Outfitters and Sportsmen.
Attorney Nathaniel Gilbert lectures to students enrolled in Guide, Outfitter, and Outdoor Business Management courses on common legal problems encountered by those in the outdoor industry and how to avoid or deal with them when they arise. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just getting started, consulting with an attorney experienced not only in the outdoors, but in the legal minefields you may be facing, can help your business be the best that it can be.
Nathaniel Gilbert is an attorney, advocate, hunter, and avid conservationist. When you are setting up your outfitting business or hunting club, you need a lawyer with not only the legal skills and background required, but someone who knows the outdoors and the legal problems you may face. As a hunter, Nathaniel knows what its like for those in the outdoor industry who face scrutiny over law violations, hunting leases, liability waivers, and client contracts.

How Do Outfitters Hire Guides As Independent Contractors? Outfitter and Guide Employment Contract Requirements

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Hunting and Fishing Outfitters like to hire independent contractors over employees for seasonal work, but if the contracts for those services fail to meet Department of Labor standards, the move could be more expensive than anticipated.

Frequently Asked Questions: Outfitting in Colorado

What is the Outfitters and Guides Practice Act?

The Outfitters and Guides Practice Act is the name given to Colorado Revised Statutes Title 12, Article 55.5.  The statutes regulate the practice of Outfitting in Colorado, including requirements for your contracts with clients, qualifications for guides, disciplinary procedures, and the requirements for licensing and bonding of outfitters.  Compliance with all of the requirements and standards in the Outfitters and Guides Practice Act is vital for those guiding hunting and fishing trips in Colorado and Attorney Nathaniel Gilbert can help your business maintain compliance.