What Does It Cost to Start An LLC In Texas?

August 31, 2021

State of Texas LLC Filing Fee: $300 + LLC Formation Package with Attorney Nathaniel Gilbert: $900

To form your Limited Liability Company in Texas requires a $300.00 filing fee with the State of Texas Secretary of State.  Legally speaking, this is all that is technically required to form your LLC.  However, there may be other costs if you are considering actually running or growing your business.

Performing an “Exact Name Search” on the Secretary of State’s website is always advisable before forming your LLC.  This essentially ensures you are not naming your business the same as another business already registered in the State of Texas.  Additionally, you should run a search for everything similar to your name—If your business is “Nate’s Texas Butcher Shop,” you might also consider searching for “Nate’s Butcher”, “Texas Butcher Shop”, and “Nate’s Butcher.”  You would hate to grow your business for a year only to find out it is being confused with another shop across the state.  Each search runs approximately $1, so let’s assume about $7.00 in Name Search Fees as well.

Texas LLC Formation Attorney

San Antonio Business Formation Attorney Nathaniel Gilbert helps Texans organize and run their business to maximize efficiency and asset protection

Working with an attorney to help form your LLC is always advised.  Building the foundation of your business the right way the first time will save you headaches down the road when your business starts to grow, expand, or become much more profitable.  Below are the fees charged by San Antonio Business LLC Formation Attorney Nathaniel Gilbert

Texas LLC Formation: $900 (does not include filing fee)

  • Filing of the Articles of Organization

  • Application for EIN (Federal Employer Identification Number)

  • Draft and Finalize Your Operating Agreement

  • Draft Organizational Resolution for your use throughout the life of the business

  • A memorandum regarding running a successful LLC that protects your assets

Texas LLC Premium Package: $2,160 (does not include filing fee)

  • Everything in the LLC Setup Package above

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