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How to Structure A Real Estate Investment Business: Series LLC or Limited Partnership?

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Attorney Nate Gilbert

For a personal real estate investment portfolio, it is often recommended to use a Series LLC.  Series LLC are a special Texas entity that is especially helpful for those individuals or families that want to make several real estate purchases over the years and hold the properties as an investment.

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In a Series LLC, you set up your initial LLC with whatever name you prefer, such as “Boerne Real Estate Investments, LLC” and you can purchase your first property through the LLC or transfer an already purchased property into the LLC.  When you find your next property, you create a “Series” of your original business and give it a name such as “Boerne Real Estate Investments, LLC Series 1” and transfer or purchase the property in the name of the LLC Series.  Now the properties are held under one business but in a separate space.  The benefit of this structure is that the series act as entirely separate businesses for the purposes of liability—The liabilities of one property will not pass through to the properties in another series of the LLC.  The number of series in your LLC can be as many as you want. Learn more about Texas Business Attorney Nate Gilbert


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