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San Antonio attorney Nate Gilbert provides legal guidance and resources.

LLC Management

Member vs Manager: Who Should Have What Role in Your LLC?

Regardless of the form of LLC you decide on (Series LLC, PLLC, or regular old LLC) you will need to make the decision of whether your new Texas entity will be Manager Managed or Member Managed. For the sake of this page, we are going to assume the owners of the LLC have chosen to have the company be managed by one or more Managers—Manager-Managed.

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Top 3 Mistakes When Starting Your LLC and Their Solutions

New business owners in Texas often form LLCs to start their company, but this process can be full of pitfalls and sometimes even the most careful of small business owners can make a mistake. Texas LLC Formation Attorney Nate Gilbert takes a look at the most common mistakes and their solutions.

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PLLC vs LLC Texas

Why Series LLCs Appeal to Investors

Investors use Series LLCs in Texas because they are able to hold multiple properties in individual, unique "Series" that help to separate one property's assets and liabilities from another. Forming a Series LLC in Texas allows for greater asset protection and limited liability

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