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What Is The Fine For Speeding In Colorado?

  • 1-4 mph over the lawful speed: $36
  • 5-9 mph over the lawful speed: $80
  • 10-19 mph over the lawful speed: $151
  • 20-24 mph over the lawful speed: $232
  • 25 mph or more over: Minimum of $150 fine and/or ten days in jail; Maximum of $300 fine and/or 90 days in jail

How Many Points Is A Speeding Ticket In Colorado?

  • 1-4 mph over the lawful speed: 0
  • 5-9 mph over the lawful speed: 1
  • 10-19 mph over the lawful speed: 4
  • 20-39 mph over the lawful speed: 6
  • 40 mph over the lawful speed: 12

Enter the information on your Colorado parking, speeding, reckless driving, or other traffic ticket in the form on this page to have an attorney contact you about your ticket.  A free consultation with an attorney is confidential and has no effect on you ticket-You have nothing to lose by speaking with an attorney about taking care of your ticket without pleading guilty.

Traffic and Parking Tickets in Colorado

  Coming out to your car and seeing a parking ticket for an expired meter, or you were too far from the curb, or your didn't move your car far enough away after a certain amount of time can really put a damper on your day.  Being pulled over by the police on a busy street is embarrassing enough, not to mention you now have fines, court dates, and possible points taken from your license which means insurance hikes! Its unfortunate, unpleasant, and a huge drain on your patience and energy.  But wait, there's hope!

Free Consultation With a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

You have at least one option: talk to an attorney.  There are no additional consequences, the status of your ticket won't change, and you won't owe us anything for a free consultation.  Speaking with an attorney can often just make you feel better about the whole experience, even if you and he decide that your best option is to simply pay the ticket and be more careful in the future.  


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When Can My Driver's License Be Suspended For Points?

Depending on your age, there are certain time periods of point accumulation that lead to suspension of your driver's license.  

  • For a Minor Driver aged 17 and under: Accumulating 6 or more points in any 12 month period, OR accumulating 7 points in total prior to turning 18
  • For a Minor Driver Aged 18-21: Accumulating 9 points or more in any 12 month period, Accumulating 12 points or more in any 24 month period, OR Accumulating 14 or more points at any time between the ages of 18 and 21
  • For an Adult Aged 21 and Over: Accumulating 12 or more points in any 12 month period, OR Accumulating 18 or more points in any 24 month period.

How Do I Get Out of a Speeding Ticket in Colorado?

While there are no statewide programs such as traffic school that an individual can attend to have his speeding or traffic violation dismissed, there are certain avenues, such as hiring an attorney and getting a plea bargain or paying the fine prior to going to Court, that defendants can take advantage of to reduce the fines they must pay as well as the points on their license.  No attorney can make any guarantee that your speeding ticket will be dismissed altogether, but a qualified Colorado Traffic Lawyer will know the factors that help to mitigate your circumstance and be able to obtain the best outcome for you.

Do I Have To Pay the Ticket Mailed to Me From a Red Light Camera?

You do not have to pay, but contrary to popular belief tickets mailed to you from a Colorado red light camera are a valid ticket and if you fail to pay the fine or properly plead "Not Guilty," you may be personally served with a Court Summons and end up paying late and service fees.  If you do receive a ticket from a red light camera in Denver, Aurora, Golden, Boulder, or one of the many other Colorado municipalities utilizing this enforcement you must make a decision whether to fight the charges against you or pay the fine--Consulting with a qualified Colorado Traffic Lawyer can help you make the right decision.

Can I Fight a Speeding Ticket in Colorado?

You can, and quite often should fight your speeding tickets or traffic violations as, per Colorado case law from Martinez v. Dolan, if you fail to protest or challenge the ticket and simply pay the fine, you lose the opportunity to later fight the conviction entirely.  Speaking with an attorney can help you make the decision as to whether you should simply pay the fine-- In all honesty, sometimes paying the fine without challenge is the right answer.

Can I Use Proof of Insurance On My Cell Phone?

Yes.  Colorado Revised Statute 42-4-1409(3)(b) states that digital or electronic proof of insurance displayed on a cell phone or other electronic device is valid proof of insurance.