What is the Cost of a Hunting License?

Hunting license fees have increased over the past few years in many states.  The Colorado legislature is currently hearing a bill that would allow for the increase in hunting license fees in order to help sustain the state parks and game lands.  But where does Colorado rank nationally as far as hunting license fees for residents and non-residents? Colorado is a huge destination state with large numbers of non-resident hunters coming to hunt everything from pheasants and waterfowl to deer and elk.  Additionally, Colorado has seen a population boom in recent years unlike anything since the Gold Rush. Most if not all of these new residents are taking part in outdoor activities on our public lands and forests, and some are hunters and fishers.

The graph here shows the price of a license across the United States for Resident and Non-Resident hunters.  The licenses depicted are those that are the cheapest for each state.  For example, some states require different licenses if hunters wish to pursue big game.  Those big game licenses are, unsurprisingly, more expensive than those licenses just to hunt waterfowl or pheasant.  Where the state requires a different license, the cheapest option is depicted here.

This chart shows the cost of a hunting license across the United States.  These fees, where applicable, do not include big game.  The non-resident license costs depicted here are the cheapest option for non-resident hunters and include, for example, game such as waterfowl, pheasants, or turkey.  Some licenses depicted here do not include the privilege to hunt big game.  Numbers accurate as of 4/14/2017.

As you can see, Colorado falls near the bottom for resident and non-resident licenses.  While the story is much different for big game, it is difficult to compare as not all states 1) allow big game hunting for non-residents, and 2) do not offer similar big game hunting.  For a more accurate reading and for exact prices, refer to the chart below.

Hunting License Fee List Per State