Considerations For Running Your Property Management Company

Acquiring real estate through business entities is a popular choice for wealth management, asset diversification, and passive income.  Larger portfolios with several types of properties will often employ property management companies to run the day to day operations. ...

Why Do Real Estate Investors Use a Series LLC?

Real estate investors use Series LLCs in Texas because they are able to hold multiple properties in individual, unique “Series” that help to separate one property’s assets and liabilities from another. Forming a Series LLC in Texas allows for greater asset protection and limited liability

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How Do I Form A SERIES LLC in Texas?

Formation for Series Limited Liability Companies in Texas is much the same as the Formation of a regular LLC.  However, in order to form your Series correctly, there are a couple additional steps that we’ll cover specifically. 1. Select the appropriate Series LLC...

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What is an LLC?

We’ve all seen the letters “LLC” or thought about starting our own LLC, but what exactly is an LLC?

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Who Can Form a PLLC

PLLCs may be the right choice for your business, but who can form this special type of entity in Texas?

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Can I Be My Own Registered Agent?

LLCs and other entities are required to have Registered Agents. If you’re starting a business in Texas, it is important to know whether you will be able to serve as your own Registered Agent or not.

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