Sportsman's Calendars Available For Download

Click here for the PDF Brochure provided by CPW

Click here for the PDF Brochure provided by CPW

The Colorado Big Game Calendar provided by the Law Office of Nathaniel Gilbert, LLC for serious hunters.  Click the button below to add the season dates automatically for Colorado Elk, Deer, Pronghorn, Moose, and Bear directly into your iPhone, Outlook, or GMail Calendar.  (Android users may need to use a non-mobile device to sync the calendar). Each event in your calendar will automatically be set to alert you two days before the event.  Because many Game Management Units in Colorado have specific, special seasons, (Such as Late Deer Rifle, or Elk Plains Rifle) you may not see your hunting season listed. *See below for terms of use! Please use the Contact form or call the number listed here for any corrections or additions!

Clicking the button below for the "2019 Colorado Big Game Calendar" will add the season dates to your default calendar automatically.

See bottom of this page for terms of use

Kansas Waterfowl Zones Map

Kansas Waterfowl Zones Map

*COMING SOON* Clicking the button above will automatically add all of the migratory bird seasons in Kansas to your default calendar.  When adding the dates to your phone/desktop calendar, click "Create New Calendar" so you can choose when to show the dates for migratory birds in Kansas.  With all the splits, early and late seasons, and different species being in and out of seasons throughout the year, the calendar provided here is a great way to keep track of what is in season and when in Kansas.  Just add the calendar above and you'll know when Sandhill Crane, Ducks (including teal), Light Geese, Canada Geese, White Fronted Geese, Rail, Woodcock, Dove, and more are all legal and where in Kansas the seasons are open!

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more calendars available when seasons are set!

*These calendars are provided free of charge and do not create any obligations or guarantees on the part of The Law Office of Nathaniel Gilbert, LLC.  Use of this information is at the discretion of the individual.  The download or use of any of the information contained here does not form any lawyer-client relationship.  While The Law Office of Nathaniel Gilbert, LLC has diligently assured accuracy for season dates, individuals downloading the information available here are responsible for ensuring season dates are accurate for the area they are hunting and the tags they possess and for any updates or changes that may come from their state or regional wildlife offices.  Note that in many states, including Colorado and Kansas, Units are set by the Department of Wildlife and Parks (and Tourism) for hunting and that special seasons may be set for those units.  This page is in no way sponsored by or formally affiliated with the Colorado Department of Wildlife and Parks ( nor the Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism (