• Your hunting and fishing privileges can be suspended on your FIRST hunting or fishing violation- K.S.A. 32-1041

  • An outdoorsman may lawfully open or concealed-carry a handgun while actively fishing, hunting, or fur-harvesting- K.S.A. 32-1002

  • Boating regulations, including Boating Under the Influence are classified under the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism, Chapter 32, Article 11

Kansas has numerous world class fishing opportunities for residents and visitors to the Sunflower State.  Fishermen and women should be careful when fishing the big lakes such as Perry or Tuttle or even venturing the the small streams of the Smoky Hill River as KDWPT officials are primed to give tickets for fishing violations.  You need to have an attorney who knows Kansas hunting and fishing violations, has handled them before, and knows what is at stake.

A fishing ticket, even your first violation, can mean losing your hunting and fishing privileges for a year or more.

A fishing ticket may seem like a small fine and light consequence, but the effects can be much greater than one would assume.  If you just pay a fishing ticket and plead guilty to the offense, you could miss deer season in December or turkey season in April.  

The Law Office of Nathaniel Gilbert offers 100% free consultations for fishermen and women who receive fishing tickets in Kansas.  Give Nate a call to discuss your options and see how he can help keep the rest of the season in tact.  Get back on the water and let your attorney handle the tickets!


Click the image to download the 2016 Kansas Fishing Regulations

Click the image to download the 2016 Kansas Fishing Regulations

Kansas Fishing Violation Form

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Did you know? 

Paddlefish are the only fish in Kansas that may be legally taken by hook through any part of the body besides the mouth.  Any sport fish taken by hook and line through any part other than the mouth MUST be immediately returned to the water and is NOT qualified as "legally taken."


Under Kansas Statute, everyone over the age of 16 must have a Kansas fishing license to either fish or take bullfrogs in the state.  However, there are a few exceptions that may apply to you or your family members:

  1. A person, or a member of that person's immediate family that lives with them, on that person's land OR on land leased or rented by that person for purposes of farming, ranching, or other agricultural purpose
  2. Anyone under 16 years old
  3. A resident of Kansas who is over the age of 75
  4. A person fishing in a private water impoundment
  5. A person who is a resident of an adult care home
  6. A person fishing on the two days a year designated by the state of Kansas that a license is not required
  7. A participant in a fishing clinic put on by the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism

Unless you meet the above criteria, you MUST have a fishing license pursuant to Kansas state law.