What is the fine for fishing without a license?

Quick Answer: The fine for fishing without a license in CO is $50 and 10 license suspension points. Learn more by visiting the article on Fishing Without a License in Colorado.

Can Colorado Parks and Wildlife establish check stations?

YES: Colorado Revised Statutes 33-6-111 gives the CPW the authority to establish check stations where anglers and hunters MUST produce their 1) Licenses, 2) Firearms, and 3) Wildlife in their possession.

Colorado's fly fishing rivers and streams are second to none.  However, fishing in Colorado without the proper license or exceeding your limit can result in hefty fines and possible loss of hunting and fishing privileges.

Receiving a ticket for unlawful fishing can have big effects on your ability to hunt and fish in Colorado and across the nation

If you just pay the ticket that you receive, you are pleading guilty and will receive "license suspension points." Accumulating 20 or more points puts your hunting and fishing license in jeopardy--A single hunting without a license ticket gets you 10 points alone!  If you have fish in your possession at the time, you receive 5 additional points for the first fish and 1 point for each additional fish!

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Receiving a ticket for unlawful fishing is a great way to ruin an otherwise good day on the water.  

The three most common Colorado fishing violations received are: 1) Fishing without a proper/valid license, 2) Fish- Unlawful possession, and 3) Fishing with bait in "fly/lure only" water.  

There are several other kinds of fishing violations issued each year, but these three make up the overwhelming majority.  Below is an explanation of how fishing tickets work and what you can do to handle them.

If you are issued any kind of fishing violation, the first step should be to consult your attorney.  

There are often defenses available that you may not be aware of at the time.  Consulting with an attorney at The Law Office of Nathaniel Gilbert will not only help put your mind at ease and sort through your options, but it won't even cost you anything! A free consultation helps us determine if you even need an attorney to handle your fishing ticket.

A fishing ticket is not just a parking ticket or toll booth bill that you simply pay and forget.  

Colorado fishing violations carry point assessments that are added to your hunting and fishing license. Fishing violations are often misdemeanor offenses (Illegal sale of wildlife for endangered fish species is a felony offense) but can carry between 5, 10, and 15 points depending on the type of offense.  The accumulation of 20 or more of these points can result in the suspension of your fishing and hunting privileges.  

You can receive more than one charge for one violation.  

A fisherman who receives a ticket for "Fishing without a valid/improper license" under C.R.S. 33-6-107, can also receive charges for "Fish- Unlawful possession" for each fish he has in his possession at that time.  Each of these charges carries its own point value.  It is extremely important that you learn how many points could be added on to your license before paying the fines and pleading guilty.  Additionally, many fishermen will end up with boating violations for various other oversights.