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Is Wanton Waste of Game a Felony in Colorado?

Is Wanton Waste of Game a Felony in Colorado?

Hunters charged with either of Colorado's waste of game violations should consult with an attorney prior to pleading guilty to charges of this hunting violation.

2016 Colorado Big Game Calendar Download From The Law Office of Nathaniel Gilbert

Hunters across the nation rejoiced to see the 2016 Colorado Big Game Calendar Brochure released this month by the Colorado Department of Wildlife and Parks.  For those that may be planning their pilgrimages to the Rocky Mountains in search of Elk, Deer, or Moose, the Law Office of Nathaniel Gilbert just made the process a great deal easier.

By visiting the firm web site, you'll find the season dates for Elk, Moose, Deer, Pronghorn, and Black Bear in Colorado in a convenient, easy to download file (.ics) compatible with GMail, iPhones and iPads, Outlook, and several calendar softwares and apps.  Never again will you commit to that October baby shower or out of town work conference without knowing it's the same day as the Elk opener.  You'll know with one glance.

Clicking the link on our Sportsman's Calendar page will automatically add the dates to your default calendar, starting with the Big Game License Application Deadline of April 5, 2016 and running to the end of 2016.  Each event and season start and close date comes pre-loaded with one alert two days before each date so you never miss a beat.

As an avid outdoorsman, I am proud to offer this free service for other dedicated hunters.  Check back with the firm or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for our next calendar--Kansas Big Game, Colorado Waterfowl, Kansas Waterfowl, and MORE!