Denver Security Deposit

What Is A Security Deposit?

What Is A Security Deposit?

A security deposit is any advance or deposit of money, regardless of its denomination, the primary function of which is to secure the performance of a rental agreement for residential premises or any part thereof

Can I Evict A Tenant For Multiple or Subsequent Lease Violations?

Subsequent violations of a lease contract are grounds for an eviction in Colorado under statute.  However, those subsequent evictions only qualify for eviction when it can be shown that the previous violations were given the same treatment as the notice requirements under law.

Can A Landlord Withhold My Security Deposit?

Security deposit disputes are a common occurrence between renters and landlords in Denver and the surrounding state of Colorado.  Having an attorney like Nathaniel Gilbert can be a big advantage in negotiating and navigating the rules, requirements and deadlines associated with the process of disputing a security deposit.