Can I Install Electric Vehicle Charging Stations On My Rental Property?

With electric cars becoming more frequent sights on the road, many individuals who rent their residential property may be looking for a place to charge while at home.  Home charging stations are not so common yet as to be found in most rental properties, so tenants may have to negotiate the installation of one.  Colorado actually has specific rules governing the installation of home charging stations at residential rental properties.

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Is A Landlord or Their Tenant Responsible for Paying for Installation?

Tenants are responsible for paying for the installation of a charging station at their residential rental if one is not already in place.  Colorado Revised Statute 38-12-601(1) specifically states that a tenant is allowed to install the charging station as long as there is no provision in the lease forbidding such installation.  Alternatively, a landlord may pay for the installation and later request reimbursement from the tenant.

Can A Landlord Charge A Fee for Use of The Charging Station?

Generally, a landlord may not charge any fee (beyond reimbursement for placement or installation costs) for the placement or installation of an electric vehicle charging station.  C.R.S. 38-12-601(b) states unequivocally that the landlord may not charge a fee for the placement of the unit, with a few exceptions.  Most notably, the landlord may charge a fee to reserve a parking spot if the charging port is placed in a position that other tenants may have access to the charging station.  For instance, if your rental property contains a private garage and you choose to install the charging station in your private parking space, the landlord may not charge a fee for that placement.  However, if there is no reserved parking at your apartment or rental complex, and you wish to have a charging station installed, the landlord may charge a fee to reserve a parking space for your vehicle.

Who Owns the Charging Station At The End of The Lease?

If the landlord paid for the installation of the charging station and did not seek or receive reimbursement from the tenant, the landlord owns the charging station.  However, if the tenant paid for the installation of the charging station, the tenant may either take the charging station with them at the end of the lease (if it is removable) OR sell the unit to the landlord.  There is no requirement that the landlord or the next successive tenant MUST purchase the unit if the tenant cannot or does not wish to take the unit with them at the end of the lease; A tenant may end up responsible for the costs of removal if the landlord does not wish to buy it from the tenant.

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